Work Package 6

Dissemination and Exploitation activities

The following tasks will ensure timely and proper dissemination and exploitation of the SEO-DWARF. The activities of this WP are led by UniBa. The activities consist of secodnements, that follow WPs 2, 3,4 and 5, to ensure the maximum dissemination and exploitation of the project.

  • Task 6.1: Technology disseminationThis task will consider different ways of communicating the results of the various WP to the research community and to different special interest groups. To that end, publications in established conferences and journals in diverse research fields, ranging from remote sensing transactions such as the IEEE transaction to Geoscience and Remote Sensing, to computer vision conferences, including the IEEE International Conference of Computer Vision, will be pursued. Publications will be also made in open access journals. Furthermore, dissemination via area-specific workshops and standardization committees will play a critical role in this task. The project description and public deliverables of SEO-DWARF will be provided to the public via a dedicated project website. SEO-DWARF will also serve the education of new scientists in remote sensing, semantics/linked data, and data mining technologies and will allow research assistants to complete their Ph.D. thesis in related areas. Furthermore, postgraduate courses will be developed and existing courses will be enhanced to reflect the major impact Semantic Remote Sensing technology is expected to have on the scientific community and on the common society.
  • Task 6.2: Exploitation by the industryThe system developed by SEO-DWARF is expected to have a significant impact on the EO imaging industry and more specifically in Earth monitoring. In this task, effort will be focused on promoting the technologies developed in SEO-DWARF by presenting the outcome of the research to appropriate associations and commissions including the EuropeanRemote Sensing Companies Association and the European panel of SMEs Association involved in the EO value added products and services development in the fields of environmental monitoring.