Work Package 3

Implementation of the SEO-DWARS

In the present WP PKI, as leader, has the responsibility of system architecture implementation based on the resultsfrom WP2 along with CloudSigma (hosting the service). PKH has the responsibility of implementing the front-end ofthe SEO-DWARS. The activities will be performed in PKI premises in Bari (Italy), in CloudSigma premises in Zurich(Switzerland), and in PKH premises in Athens (Greece). The activities constitute from the secondments:NTUA, UnAeg, CUT, to PKINTUA, UnAeg, CUT, UniBa to CloudSigmaUniBa, CUT to PKHi-Sea, PKH, TWT to UniBaIn each secondment the corresponding staff are trained initially to the complementary knowledge of the hostingorganization and later on perform collaborative research to achieve the objectives of the WP.

  • Task 3.1: Implement the RS and data mining algorithms of SEO-DWARSThe goal of this task is to implement the RS and data mining algorithms that will be used in the SEO- DWARS, basedon the results of Tasks 2.3 and 2.4.
  • Task 3.2: Implement the ontology with metadata formulationThe ontology and metadata structure generator that were designed in the Tasks 2.2 and 2.4 will be implemented. Alsothe linking between the implemented ontology and metadata structure will be implemented.
  • Task 3.3: Integrate the system modules and implement the connectivity to external sourcesThe outputs of Tasks 3.1 and 3.2 will be integrated in the DFC to produce a unified system. The connectivity of theSEO-DWARS to external sources will also be implemented and integrated to the operations of the system.
  • Task 3.4: Implement and integrate the front-end of SEO-DWARSBased on the results of Task 2.6 the front-end of SEO-DWARS will be implemented and integrated with the actual system.Development activities include: modules implementation and integration, unit tests, system Integration and deployment,test of graphical user interfaces, external interfaces, system tests