Work Package 1

Project Management and Coordination

The following tasks will ensure timely and smooth project implementation, fulfilment of contractual obligations and sustainable integration of partners via interdisciplinary collaboration. The activities of this WP are led by NTUA. The activities consist of secodnements, that follow WPs 2, 3,4 and 5, to ensure the most efficient management and coordination of the project.

  • Task 1.1: Project Coordination
    This task includes compilation of reports and other deliverables for submission to the European Commission, development of strategies and long-term project plans, chairing of the Steering Committee and follow-up of their decisions, transfer of documents and information connected with the project to and between the partners concerned, ensuring that an exploitation strategy is developed, approved and implemented, and coordinating the entry and exit of partners from the consortium where necessary.
  • Task 1.2: Project Management
    This includes preparation of reporting templates and a Project Handbook, production of detailed annual action plans, planning of consortium meetings, compilation of quarterly progress reports, monitoring progress against the plan, and implementation of corrective actions where necessary. The project management also includes the preparation of the secondements, i.e. organizing the traveling, accommodation, hosting procedures etc, for the associated staff.
  • Task 1.3: Financial Management
    This task covers the establishment of financial protocols and milestones for the consortium, financial monitoring and reporting to the Commission, the collection and delivery of cost statements and audit certificates to the Commission, and the distribution of the EC payments between partners.
  • Task 1.4: Risk Management
    This task covers the establishment of a procedure for risk assessment. Important risks will be monitored and mitigation actions will be implemented where relevant.