The goal of the SEO-DWARF project is to establish a fertile collaborative research and innovation environment. Specifically, objectives of the project will be centered on:

  • Creating a research and innovation collaboration network through staff exchanges for the Exploitation of the existing knowledge about the remote sensing applications on the marine domain.


  • Development and implementation of automatic algorithms for extracting metadata from the remote sensing images and associate them with the corresponding ontology. Exploitation of the big data EO archives for the efficient retrieval and serving of data based on the semantic queries performed.


  • Sharing multidisciplinary knowledge and know-how among the partners, while aligning different scientific cultures for the integration of the knowledge from the marine domain and the developed metadata extraction algorithms to retrieve the appropriate images that help to resolve the scientific questions. Push the conducted complementary research of the partners to the market by creating added value services to the Copernicus EO program. The added value services correspond to a semantic web alert and retrieval system for EO data from the Copernicus satellites.


  • Promote the skills and careers of the exchanged staff. The seconded staff are going to be re-integrated to the sending companies/institutes with an in-build return mechanism for further exploitation of their newly acquired and enhanced skills and knowledge.