Ioannis Moutzouris-Sidiris

Ioannis Moutzouris-Sidiris is a Researcher at the University of the Aegean and a member of the
MRSGroup. He holds a Bachelor degree in Environmental Engineering, a MSc in Hydrology and Water
Resources Management and a MSc in Geography and Applied Geo-information. His late research
includes the assessment of Chlorophyll-a Retrievals Algorithms from Sentinel-2 Satellite Data.
Ioannis has worked for several companies in the fields of hydrological modelling and environmental
monitoring. His research interests include application of remote sensing algorithms for the
calculation of water quality parameters in coastal environments.
Within SEO-DWARF, he works on the calibration and validation of the remote sensing algorithms and
specifically on the comparison of chlorophyll-a calculated by satellite data with in situ
measurements. He is currently seconded to Planetek in Bari, Italy.