Nunzia Vairo

Nunzia Vairo graduated in Computer Science at the University of Bari in 2006 and from 10 years she is Technical Specialist presso Planetek Italia srl.
A list of her activities:
• She contributes on software development process, has expertise in using desktop/web GIS software and know-how on various server/client development languages, and excellent understanding of system integration and web development techniques;
• She develops Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI) applications, on different platforms and with different technologies (Python, Flash, PHP, JavaScript, JAVA, HTML, PT…), also through Enterprise and Open Source software solutions.
• She’s involved in various projects with the Public Administrations (PA), Geographic
• Information System (GIS) Projects and International Projects and experience
• She’s specialist and training teacher of Hexagon ERDAS Apollo Server product
• She’s facilitator during the usability test
Her contribution to the SEO-DWARF project has been support in the construction of the
metadata schema of WP 2.4. She has been seconded for 3 months at NTUA in Athens.
Vito De Pasquale holds the Phd in Physics at Università degli Studi di Bari. He worked for 6 years at Italian National Council of Research mainly on remote sensing of coastal water marine areas. He has also matured experiences in atmospheric correction satellite data.
Since eight years, he is a senior technical specialist at Planetek Italia as remote sensing expert. He works on projects focused on environmental and territory applications of remote sensing data. He has dealt with all the aspect of the image processing chain, from the pre-processing of the data till to the feature extraction and the retrieval of land parameters. He works mainly with high and very high spatial resolution satellites data, but he has some experiences with low resolution data in the thermal part of the spectrum for the land and sea surface temperature retrieval.